By Dan & Krista Stockman

Our favorite thing about wine is when we have a chance to slow down and share a good bottle with family or friends over a delicious meal. Open That Bottle Night – it was Feb. 27 this year – is the perfect occasion to do just that, so we did.

We already had plans to celebrate the wine holiday by enjoying Coq au Vin and opening some great wine – just the two of us – when Krista’s sister asked for help with the kids that day. Instead of scrapping our plans, we expanded them and decided to make dinner at Kara’s house and share some great wine with our brother-in-law, Jason.

We’d share with Kara, too, but she typically doesn’t appreciate good wine – we often bring her wine that we would never drink, such as peach Moscato or some other overly-sweet and simple wine product. She loves them, which proves once again that taste is subjective: What does it matter to Kara that a wine is rated at 96 points if she hates it? Likewise, what does it matter to us that she loves wine we think would be better poured over pancakes? Drink what you love and love what you drink, period.

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