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We love hearing from readers – in fact, when we wrote the Uncorked wine column for The Journal Gazette, we got more reader mail than any other columnists at the paper, and we prided ourselves on answering almost every single one. So if you have a question about wine, a comment about a column, or a tip about a winery we just have to visit, just drop us a line.

And here’s an even better deal: If you’ve been reading for a while, you know we don’t write columns nearly as often as we should. We’re our own boss, and frankly, the boss hasn’t been on us much and we’ve been slipping. [It comes from having full-time jobs, two children and a list of pets that seems to get longer every week. So when we do finally write a column, it feels like a bit of a moral victory.] What that means to you, the reader, is that you have to check back to our website week after week, wondering if we’ve written. But there’s a better way – simply email us and ask us to put you on our mailing list. Once you’re on, you’ll get a note from us everytime there’s a new column, with a link to take you directly there. It’s as easy as pouring a glass of wine.